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Preparing for a Successful Cottage Renovation

Preparing for your project!

Planning is critical to ensure a timely and accurate renovation. Determine as many details as you can to help better prepare for this renovation. Have fun with it and get creative! Make a drawing, go on Houzz, check out Pinterest! Set some time with yourself and your partner to start preparing your project. If you don’t know where to start consult professionals!

Designer, Engineer, Architect, and Project Manager

A designer, engineer, architect, and project manager are important resources for the completion of your project. Their services will ensure your project is within building standards and meet current code requirements. A project manager’s job is to keep the project on time, to ask the right questions, to foresee potential conflicts, find solutions for them, and ensure it stays within the plans and budget.

Choosing a Contractor

Who is your ideal contractor? Once you determine your ideal contractor, setup meetings with a few reputable contractors, ask questions and take notes. Are they on time? Appear knowledgeable? Do they have references? Work with your partner to make the final decision.

Work With an Expert

You should use the same due diligence you would use when choosing someone to watch your children. Contractors can be in your home for extended periods of time. This means that if you sign a contract you’re pretty well married to the contractor for the duration of the contract/project. There may be some difficult situations that arise. Keep your cool when you think something has gone wrong, and ask your contractor about it. It could very well be a mistake, or it could just be a step in the building process. When hiring your contractor ask yourself honestly whether the contractor you’re considering will be someone you can work with through a difficult situation.

Avoid the Fly by Nighters

Avoid hiring friends, family, or any other close acquaintances. Completing a renovation is not always easy. Projects can be long, there can be surprises, and you will be required to make decisions quickly. This is all happening to your home, using your hard earned money. Avoid working with someone you are close to, or see regularly. Hiring a third party professional, will save you emotional energy and help avoid any potential awkward situations in the future.

Local Pro or Closest City?

There are many ways to find professionals. Some good options are; Ask your friends and family for a referral, Google, Facebook, Yellow Pages, and Kijiji. Ensure you get lots of quotes! Once you find your contractor, find out their procedures, figure out the final details and sign a contract!

Consulting Fee/Deposit

Most people think that paying someone before your project starts is a risk, but take a tip from the pros, if you are ready to move forward with your contractor, get something on paper, and give the professional a deposit. You want to lock in your contractor, so you can begin preparing the final details, answer final questions, and pick out final materials!


Good luck on your cottage renovation!

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